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Robert Pant

World Class Image Consultant, Author


Recognized as one of the leading image consultants for corporate personnel, Robert Pante has traveled the globe inspiring, informing, and entertaining hundreds of thousands of people in the art and science of presenting themselves within their professional and personal environments. Considered an “image intuit”, Robert has an uncanny ability to spot the best and worst in a person almost immediately, and offer concise and caring guidance that not only transforms the way they look, speak and think, but also the way they live!


Having conducted over 2,000 keynotes, seminars and workshops, Robert is playful and entertaining holding back nothing for the sake of empowering others. Always enthusiastic, inspired, and cheerful, his accessible style of speaking resonates with a sense of mission recognizable to all.


Robert was trained in New York, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. He has taught at the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco. He has appeared on numerous occasions on Oprah, Good Morning America, and AM Australia, as well as having been featured in Cosmopolitan, Success, and in-flight magazines. Robert lives and works in South East Asia and the United States.


Robert won the Image Counsel International’s Award of Excellence. He has been the international training director for Aramis, an Estee Lauder Corporation. He has authored the best-selling books Dressing to Win, How to Have More Money, Romance and Power and Image Builds Business: How Powerful People Recognize Each Other. Robert Pant offers a number of seminars for businesses and their staff, many of which can be tailored or packaged in groups to meet your needs.


The proven benefits that our clients receive are:
You will be better able to deal with work situations more confidently, easily and professionally. Participants respond to daily challenges and obstacles without tentativeness and hesitation.
Greater appreciation for your work will result in greater wealth and prosperity. Problems become opportunities.


Completion of projects, in a more coherent, appreciative, and congruent manner will reduce stress. Greater sanity in everyday circumstances will take hold.
Transitory dramas of the day will more easily be dismissed. Learning to give exactly what is called for will be more natural and spontaneous. Unnecessary doubts, fears and uncertainties will vanish.


Robert Pant’s seminars are designed to produce positive and lasting shifts in a very short period of time. Each of Robert’s seminars are inspiring and encouraging experiences that entertain, enlighten, and transform. When image, communication, and mindset are united in an organization, they become an explosive that ignites your company’s success, and galvanizes your position in the marketplace.


Robert’s seminars are an opportunity to rise above the ordinary in performance and profit. People become more confident, proficient, and resourceful. While Robert Pant is one of the world’s leading international image consultants for corporate personnel, he brings his depth of knowledge and experience to bear for individuals as well. Robert offers a number of seminars for groups, as well as one-on-one consulting and coaching.


Each of Robert’s seminars and consulting sessions offer transformational and motivational experiences for his clients. Through these services, clients are able to shift how they see and experience their lives, allowing new ways to deal with or handle their life emerging. In the end, their perception of who they are is greatly expanded and new possibilities and opportunities are made available for their lives.


“Robert is very honest. A lot of people don’t realize the mistakes that they are making when they go out to buy clothes. You have to know what looks good on you.” Oprah Winfrey
“A communication genius! When Robert speaks people listen, and take action!” Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


“Robert is on the money. Direct, clear, and convincing.” Suze Orman, author of The Courage To Be Rich


“In seminars, Robert Pante doesn’t transform people he gets them to transform themselves. In a burst of inspiration, he produces lasting improvements in people’s self-esteem” Hugh Downs, former co-host of ABC’s 20/20


Robert Pante is available to deliver keynote speeches, in-house executive training programs to corporate management teams, and presentations to conventions, conferences and high-level industry and government programs. His main focus is delivering speeches and strategic advisory to leading Chinese companies, including listed firms, growth stage companies, government programs, industry events and large public programs. Included in his specialties is: Fashion Industry, Luxury Goods, Brand Strategies, Beauty Industry, Wellness and Health companies, and International Retail business. Mr. Pante has presented programs world-wide in Europe, Asia and U.S. He has spoken and taught in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore for the past 16 years.



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FREE Pre-Summit Session. Space is limited.