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Pat Anderson

Founder, Skyborne Motivation

With over 25 years experience in various avenues of sales, and more than 20 years as a toastmaster, Pat Anderson is an Internationally Certified Public Speaking Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer focusing on empowering people to better themselves, improve their self esteem, and enable them to grow and flourish over time by improving their skills in presenting to an audience. Being a life long learner herself, Pat has traveled far and wide, choosing to experience as much as possible. She has traveled alone to such places as Egypt and Morocco where, as Pat stated, she has had unique experiences that not many others could claim to have indulged. Pat successfully submitted Mount Kilimanjaro, and plans to return and climb Kili again via a different route, and this time, do it for charity.


Whether you are seeking assistance to deliver a wedding speech, present your product to an audience, train up your sales team, or planning to learn to deliver a professional presentation or speech to your staff, peers or the board of directors, then Pat is the person with whom to speak.


‘We need to be constantly growing in our lives in order to flourish and sustain ourselves, and one area where we can all improve and better our skills is in the area of communication, that is, communication both within as well as with others’, says Pat.


Pat’s company, Skyborne Motivation also offers team-building exercises and workshops which are held in various regions of South Africa, and are also conducted in-house where required. Investing in emancipating and growing your key staff can only create greater success for your company. Spending a day or a weekend aligning your mission and goals is a very powerful way of ensuring that your entire team is ‘on the same page’ and all pulling and focused in the right direction.


There is no time like the present to make that decision to empower either yourself or that special person or person on your team with impressive presentation skills, or the opportunity to give them the gift of realisation that NOTHING is impossible!


Pat can be contacted via email at pat@skybornemotivation.com , or by cell at 0825636384. The company website address is www.skybornemotivation.com


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*Click the button above to reserve your place for the
FREE Pre-Summit Session. Space is limited.