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Lisa Larter

CEO, Lisa Larter Consulting




Lisa Larter is a high school drop out who climbed the corporate ladder to lead a 100M dollar sales team in the Wireless Retail industry until 2006 when her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she became a self taught business guru and social media expert.


Lisa opened her own bricks and mortar wireless store in 2006, surpassed the million dollar sales mark after one year, and soon after started advising other businesses on how to connect with their customers through social media so they could build relationships, share content, drive traffic and increase sales.


In 2012 she sold her Retail Store, Parlez Wireless so she could focus exclusively on her consulting business, The Lisa Larter Group, The Social Business Academy and her role as Chief Social Officer with eWomenSocial Advantage, a division of eWomenNetwork.


Her innovative approach is hard-hitting and no-nonsense, filled with solid business acumen. She coaches her clients in maximizing their sales and business growth through Social Media, Relationship Marketing, Systems and Technology. Lisa has a gift for breaking complex ideas down into simple, manageable steps that can easily be followed by business owners to achieve results.
Lisa speaks at conferences regularly throughout North America on Social Media, Social Media for Retail and Relationship Marketing. Some of her clients past and present include: TELUS, Brookstreet Hotel, 20 VIC Management, Toronto Special Events, VSP Printing, Jack Cotton, Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, Lansdowne Place, Marlborough Mall, Christine Kane, and Deepak Chopra.


Her simple philosophy of “People buy from people they know, like and trust” goes straight to the heart of business and her own success has become the catalyst for sharing her knowledge and experience to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.



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