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Jen Cohen

Co-Founded Seven Stones Leadership Group


Jennifer Cohen is a leadership and organizational coach and consultant with 20 years in the field coaching hundreds of individuals and groups. She co-founded Seven Stones Leadership Group, which engages individuals and organizations in the most pressings questions of our time. She teaches a unique model of leadership development and is pioneering work in moving organizations and individuals to a partnership model of living and leading based on the mind set and practice of exquisite sufficiency first offered by Buckminster Fuller and popularized by Lynne Twist. Jennifer’s fresh approach is informed by communication theories ranging from quantum physics and philosophy to neuroscience and Somatics. She loves working with social entrepreneurs, visionary thinkers, and leaders who know they must develop the capacity to shift with this quickly changing landscape.


Seven Stones was created to fulfill on the supposition that meaningful and effective leadership in the 21st century requires the exposure of assumptions that guide individual lives, organizations and systems. Once uncovered, leaders and teams can create a new set of beliefs, ones that, if embraced and enacted, would powerfully shift mind-sets and actions toward a declared vision and a new future. Seven Stones works with individuals, executives, teams and corporate systems that want to create a culture of community, truth, purpose, love, wisdom, joy, and commitment. Jennifer is known as a ‘coaches coach’ and is a coach to some of the senior coaches at the New Field Group, one of the nation’s top schools for coaching. She has worked with corporate clients including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Boston Consulting Group, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and MIT’s Sloan School of Management, as well as a multimillion dollar oil company, a major construction company, and several small software development firms. She has served as the Director of Coaching Education for Mobius Executive Leadership, a global boutique-consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies, and for many years ran her coaching business as The Center for Meaningful Leadership.


Jennifer is certified as a Master Coach by The Strozzi Institute for Leadership and Mastery, where she studied for more than a decade. She is the author of the chapter “From Surviving to Thriving” in the book Being Human at Work, edited by Richard Strozzi Heckler. She has a master’s degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis on systems theory from the Antioch New England Graduate School, and she did her undergraduate work in philosophy at Oberlin and Barnard. She is married and has a daughter.



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