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DR. ANNIE LIM is a serial entrepreneur; a fun, brilliant and creative individual who lives to serve and touch the lives of others through coaching, training and transformational work. She is the founder of Dr. Annie Lim International, a training company that utilizes the Excellerated Learning method. She is also an Instructor in Training for the world-renowned program, Money & You.


Annie has a PhD in Entrepreneurship where her research was published in several notable international academic journals focusing on growth companies by founding CEOs. She has owned and managed several companies in Malaysia prior to moving to Canada; her success has been featured on Bloomberg Television, and several other mainstream news and media outlets. Annie currently mentors and coaches several women-owned organizations and was recently accepted as a mentor for the Cheri Blair Foundation.


Her most recent exciting moment was when she spoke to 400 women at the “Live Your Best Day event” and met Oprah Winfrey in person during a private VIP function.


Annie founded the L.I.F.E. Children Foundation (lifechildrenfoundation.org); an organization aims to provide underprivileged children around the globe with better educational opportunities, and to support their growth as individuals and members of society. Annie was awarded the “International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award” by Women’s Information Network, USA.


Other than her meaningful work, she also takes great pride in being a mother to three beautiful children, Josiah, Jordan and Joy. She is the author of her forthcoming books “7 Keys to Powerful Living” and “Being All of YOU”. Besides running her companies, she enjoys singing, painting, photography, travelling, reading and watching movies.

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Aside from being an international writer, speaker/trainer, author and mother, Jana also conducts her own courses that are aimed to magnify personal and collective brilliance within people so they can more easily create their desired end-results. She is the founder of Wisdom Ink (wisdom-ink.com), and she gives talks, trainings, private consultations and sessions to people from all walks of life and internationally. She has been participating in this field of work since she discovered it for herself in 2006.


Jana Moreno has been invited to speak in colleges in Kuala Lumpur including the Malaysia Institute of Art, the International Islamic University of Malaysia and is in the process of co-authoring an international and inspirational book. She has also conducted corporate trainings, has been featured on BFM radio station 89.9 twice, has been featured on NTV7’s The Breakfast Show and NTV 7’s Bella, has her own internet radio show on www.inspire.fm called Conscious Creation, and has given talks, workshops and mastermind groups that have supported many in releasing the very limitations that hold them back.


Jana provides one-to-one consultations on Conscious Creation, Releasing, Family Constellation and also works with groups including group releasing, group inner-child circles, workshops, retreats and holistic corporate training.

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RUTH BAYANG is a mother, writer, Emmy winner, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Empower Women Organization. Her book, “Free at 40” to help women on their path to financial freedom, was ranked in the top #100 Best Seller in its category on Amazon.

Throughout her career in the broadcast industry, Ruth has produced thousands of daytime and evening newscasts. She is a winner of an Emmy Award and has received multiple Emmy nominations. Ruth was born in Malaysia and calls Seattle, Washington her home.

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GINELLE FOSKIN is the youngest member of the WIBWS team. She is currently a 4th year Life Sciences student at the University of Toronto and hopes to one day contribute to the support and betterment of youth and young adults.

Since meeting Annie almost 2 years ago, Ginelle has always been inspired by Annie’s drive and motivation for change. Ginelle always provides a fresh point of view in the teams’ efforts to getting women entrepreneurs into the male-dominated and highly competitive business environment, particularly with ideas and thoughts she feels other young women entrepreneurs may share. She has a plethora of experience in customer service and working with children and is always eager to provide the best experience possible. She is dedicated, passionate and motivated attributing a lot of these qualities to her vast experiences in both individual and team sports like competitive swimming, basketball and volleyball, golf and skiing.

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HOUSTON! We have a MAN on the TEAM! :)

Zach has been training and leading team building workshops and seminars for over a decade. He graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with a B.Sc in Management and later worked as a Project Director for an international productivity consulting firm from Florida.

Zach was the CEO and Founder of several IT firms in Malaysia, his clients include major banks, telecommunication companies and advertising firms in Malaysia and Asia Pacific.

Zach is currently focusing on preaching and spreading happiness in his business training, he started a company called HappyZone Mastery Inc. and has moved the sales training and team building to a whole new level, based on the concept of Be-Do-Have. And of course… he is feminist activist.

When you are color blind, gender blind, culture blind, boy, you live as a human being… and that’s an awesome place to be.

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